Information for Prospective members

We welcome men and women from all walks of life who have an interest in meeting other community leaders and serving our community and its children. Contact information will be found at the bottom of this section. We welcome prospective members to join us for a complimentary dinner at one of our two monthly meetings.

Two of the most frequently asked questions by those considering Kiwanis membership are:

Question#1:  How much time must I commit as a member?

Response: The club meets twice a month at the Tap House Restaurant. We have no mandatory attendance requirements. We only ask that members try to attend at least one meeting a month, serve on one club committee and help occasionally with our service projects.

Question#2: How much will membership cost me?

Response: There is a onetime application fee per member of $25.00.  Annual dues are $115.00 for the first family member. Dues for additional family members living at the same location are $85.00. Each of the two monthly meetings (first and third Wednesday) has an excellent full-course dinner at a cost of $15.00 served by the Tap House Restaurant. Members are not asked to donate large sums of money. Our primary fund-raisers are a golf tournament, 5K race and Community Leaders Event. The latter event recognizes business, municipal, educational and volunteer leaders.

Kiwanis membership is available by invitation only. Those interested in Kiwanis membership may contact Vice President Sandra Mack 603-622-9112, or